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Prozac Nation (Elizabeth Wurtzel)

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"Homesickness is just a state of mind for me. I’m always missing someone or someplace or something. I’m always trying to get back to some imaginary somewhere. My life has been one long longing."

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I hate waking up
Just as exhausted as I was when I fell asleep! My dreams are so vivid and exhausting and heartbreaking. I wake up so exhausted from my night of dreams worried it’s carrying over to my real relationships.

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Nicholas Sparks, The Lucky One (via feellng)

"Friends come and go, clothing is packed and unpacked, households are continually purged of unnecessary items, and as a result, not much sticks. it’s hard at times but it makes a kid strongs in ways that most people can’t understand. Teaches them that even though people are left behind, new ones will inevitably take their place; that every place has something good and bad to offer. It makes a kid grow up fast."

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Nickelodeon Stars: Where Are They Now?